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Welcome to the Six Flags reservation system! To meet social distancing guidelines and ensure the health and safety of our guests, all visits to the park must be pre-scheduled using this system. Under most circumstances, it will just take a few minutes.

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Active Parks

We are currently accepting reservations for Frontier City in Oklahoma City ONLY. As other parks announce their opening dates, please check back.

Looking to make a Great Adventure Safari Reservation? Visit the Safari Reservation Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Making & Managing Reservations

How does the reservation process work?
If a day is completely booked, will there be a wait list?
Can a guest cancel a reservation?
Does each person have to reserve individually, or can my entire party reserve at the same time?

Who Uses The Reservation System

What kind of ticket holders are required to make reservations?
What percentage of the park’s daily capacity will be reservation-based?
Will any special consideration be given to Members and Season Pass Holders?
I'm a Member who is supposed to get a free upgrade when the park re-opens. Will this apply to reservations?
Can I make reservations at "other" Six Flags parks?

Reservation System Policies

What happens if a guest shows up at the park without a reservation?
Is there an extra charge for using the reservation system?
Can a guest make reservations for multiple days at once?
Can a guest join multiple wait lists at once?
Can reservations be transferred from one guest to another?
What happens if a guest arrives at the park before their entry time?
What happens if a guest arrives at the park AFTER their entry time?
What happens if a guest doesn’t show up for their reservation?
Once I'm in the park, how long can I stay?
Are guests required to buy parking during the reservation process?